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You’re often not aware of your IT infrastructure until something goes wrong. Perhaps a file wasn’t backed up or maybe your computer or server does not switch on. It doesn’t matter the size or nature of your business - these events cost time and money as a result of unstable systems. Every company has IT Challenges, that’s why Christer Systems works with you to evaluate your needs and your system, in order to find the best way to achieve your IT goals.

You may be facing challenges and not even know it. Ask yourself the following questions and find out just how much you need us to make your life and business run smooth.

Do you have a website?
Is it working effectively on your marketing?
Is it secure?

Data Security
Do you have a reliable, backup system?
Are you effectively protected against malware threats?
Is your hardware protected against imminent electricity blackouts?

Does your current IT provider monitor your daily Backups?
Do you have access to a Technical Coordinator, Onsite Engineer, Remote Engineer & Service Centre?
Are you being looked after under a tried and tested Maintenance Plan?
Is your provider both proactive and reactive?

Communication, Collaboration & Sharing
Have you empowered your staff with the right business software for the job?
Do you have the right connectivity for your needs?
Does your staff have access to the right information from anywhere?

Business Continuinty
Can you afford to just sit and wait a week while hardware is replaced under warranty?
Do you have access to loan equipment when hardware fails?
Server Crash, Backup intact, but does this allow your organisation to be up and running instantly?

Quality Technological Products & Services
Can you really depend on all your vendors?
Ever had access to new hardware at your IT providers cost?
Have you ever experienced IT that “just works”?

Contact us today and we will send a consultant to advise on how best we can resolve your problems.